Why we choose Merino wool and Cashmere for you?

Alegra Studio’s special selection of Merino wool & Cashmere blends two exceptional all-natural materials to give you fantastic soft, very light and warm cape.

When you travel or you are at home, when you are casual and elegant, when you need universal piece to match your favourite jeans or dress and more over you want to bring with you the warmth and softness of a pamper touch – you need the hug of a Cashmere & Merino cape.

Merino Wool is a type of material that comes from Merino Sheep and is renowned for its incomparable properties. The fibres of Merino wool are softer, finer, and more sensitive than many other fabrics.

Wool is breathable allowing it to retain the natural body heat without overheating. 80% of Merino wool today comes from Australia & New Zeland. All the exceptional qualities of the Merino sheep wool add up to make the recipe for a world leading wool when it comes to quality.

Cashmere wool, usually simply known as cashmere, is a fibre obtained from cashmere goats.

These goats are found across the Himalayas where temperatures can drop to -30°C. Because of their freezing cold habitat, they grow an incredibly thick, warm coat. While a sheep can produce at least 3 kilos of wool each year, a cashmere goat will only give you around 200 grams.

Cashmere wool is the finest, softest and lightest among all types of wools. It is also the most expensive one.

Merino & Cashmere is a wise material blend to enjoy ultra warm, light and soft cape.